15 Things You Should Not Store In your Garage

You might find your garage to be the best dumping site of all the junk that doesn’t have space in your home. However, there are some things that you should avoid keeping in your garage.

Storing some stuff in your garage can risk your life by attracting pests. Besides that, the extreme temperatures in the garage can ruin the items you store there, e.g., paints and paintings.

What You Must Not Keep In Garages

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Fifteen things that you shouldn’t store in your garage

1. Tumble dryers

Room temperature is supposed to be more than 5°C. You should, therefore, avoid storing condenser dryers in your garage as they can be affected by cold temperature during the cold season. When it is hot, the temperature in the garage tends to be too hot. This might also have a negative effect on condenser dryers.

2. Wine

Fluctuating temperature affects the taste of wine especially after opening and closing the bottle. Too much heat can change the color and taste of wine. It can have an unpleasant sour or bitter taste.

Purdue University recommends that wine should be stored at a temperature of between 50-60 degrees Celsius.  You should, therefore, store wine in a cabinet or a refrigerator in your house.

3. Food

Are you the type of person who shops in bulk? That is a good idea if you have a busy schedule and have no time to shop now and then.

However, when you have too much food, don’t be tempted to keep some in the garage. It will bring pests, and if exposed to humidity it might get spoiled. It does not matter whether it is perishable or imperishable food.

4. Cardboard

You don’t need to put cardboard in your garage as it might attract insects and spiders which might, in turn, tamper with the content on the cardboard.

5. Electronics

Extreme fluctuation of temperature can harm electronics such as DVD players, computers, TVs and game consoles among others. During the winter, your garage can be freezing, and during summer it can be scorching. If you keep electronics in your garage, they might be affected by condensation especially when moistures get in the circuits.

6. Photographs

If you love taking photos, you must be having several albums. Sometimes you may prefer to keep them in your garage to have extra space in your house.

The problem with your garage is that the moisture can cause your photos to stick together and might grow mold. You can opt to put the photos in a closet inside your house.

7. Paint and paintings

You might have unfinished paint cans and store them in your garage. The problem is that the paint won’t last long during the winter when it is too cold and also during the summer when the temperatures are abnormally high.

You should store your paint in a cool and dry place free from freezing. You should also store your paintings on a cool and dry temperature so that they may not crack or flake causing the expansion and contraction of the canvas.

8. Special clothes

Sometimes you might buy clothes and wear them only on one occasion only, e.g., a wedding. You also might find yourself keeping your delicate clothes in the garage.

The cold and humidity that gets into the garage might ruin your clothes. Heavy clothing and beddings might not also be needed during the summer. If you keep them in your garage, they might attract rodents.

Rodents always make their nests from wooden tables, cushions, and chairs. You can create a plastic bin and keep them inside your house.

9. Propane Tanks

The danger of ignition of propane indicates that it is a fire hazard. If it leaks on a place which is not well ventilated, it might cause a fire. You should, therefore, not store it in a garage. Put cylinders on a flat surface outside but away from your house.

10. Crucial Documents

It can be difficult to replace lost or spoilt documents such as certificates and passports. Water or moisture can destroy any material made of paper. You should, therefore, avoid keeping them in your garage. You can keep them at your home inside a fireproof box.

11. Refrigerator

Your fridge is responsible for keeping your food cool and fresh especially when there is a rise in temperature. Extremely high temperatures in your garage can make the refrigerator to strain to keep your food cool. Keeping a fridge in a garage, therefore, causes high energy bills.

12. Gasoline

It is okay to store gasoline in a car, but it is not okay to store it in a garage. If you want your home to be safe, store gasoline in a well-ventilated place.

As much as a garage has space for storage, it is not a convenient space to store gasoline as it can ignite, especially if you have a heater in your garage.

13. Hazardous chemicals

Avoid keeping chemicals in your garage even if you use them in your car, e.g., antifreeze. You should keep such chemicals in your motor oil.

Don’t be tempted to put pesticides that you use in your garden inside the garage. You should instead have a storage shed for chemicals.

14. Pet food

If you keep pet food in your garage, it is likely to be damaged. It will attract unwanted pests, and that will be dangerous to your health too.

15. Old furniture

Most people love keeping old furniture that they are not using in the garage. The garage might be the best place to store such furniture and economize space in your house.

However, it is not safe to keep furniture in a garage as it will attract rodents and pests. If you have excess furniture which you are not using, you can donate them.

Sometimes avoiding some small mistakes can save you from unexpected hazards. Treat your garage as part of your safety by storing the right stuff in it.

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